Ballroom Bones – The Ceremonies

ATTENTION EVERYONE The Ceremonies have released the lyric video to Ballroom Bones and it is just wonderful.

The video has two split screens, the top slide shows footage of the boys rocking out at their live shows as well as artwork, candles and course wine and that is only half of it. The bottom slide is where the lyrics are typed on a typewriter not just any typewriter but a 1942 typewriter which many of us used before computers and laptops..If you don’t know what one is well you will have to watch the video and find out.



10291849_889699921056936_7978316771087612966_nChristina Parie does the name sound familiar? and no she didn’t sing ‘Jar of Hearts ‘ that’s American singer Christina Perri.

After her X Factor journey in 2011 and releasing her first single “16 and Unstoppable” Parie is back better than ever with a new project called ‘KYA’ which is her new stage name.

‘What I Live For’ is KYA’s new single and she definitely killed it. The song is eletropop drum and bass and she teamed up with LDN Noise where she wrote the song in England.

The first lyric in the song “Got my sh*t together, now I’m ready set it off” shows a new side of her and how confident she is. When it gets to the chorus it’s very uplifting “Doing what I love, loving what I do anyway” shows how passionate she is about music and the direction she is taking.

With music influences from Charli XCX, Marina and The Diamonds and Lady Gaga, KYA’s fans are definitely in for a treat this year, with a new sound and style.

My interview with KYA! https://soundcloud.com/itslittlegem/gem-chat-with-kya


Sia peforms ‘Chandelier’ on The Ellen Show

Chandelier_by_Sia_coverworkAustralian singer Sia performed on The Ellen Show her new song ‘Chandelier’.

“When she performs, she chooses not to face the camera, but believe me, this is her singing live,” Ellen said, introducing the performance. Even though Sia wasn’t facing the camera it was an incredible performance. It made it very interesting focusing on different aspects of the performance from the dancing, her vocals and the actual meaning of the song.

She recreated the video, with 11 year old Maddie dancing  while she was singing along. Her vocals were very powerful and it was definitely an unforgettable performance.

Her new album ’1000 Forms of Fear’ is due to release in the next few months.



Gems chat with Ricki-Lee

Ricki-Lee-All-We-Need-Is-Love-RadioRipAustralian superstar Ricki-Lee released her new EP ‘All We Need Is Love’ (May 2nd).

The EP includes two original songs from her up-coming album, two acoustic versions, one which is a cover to Avicii’s ‘Wake Me Up’, which is absolutely amazing and a remix to her new song.

Gem had the pleasure to chat with Ricki-Lee about her new EP ‘All We Need Is Love’ her supporting Jason Derulo on his Australian tour and Ricki leaves a very special message to all of her supporters in the interview below.




British pop singer Lily Allen released her music video to “Sheezus” on Tuesday (22 April), the video already has over 365,479 views. Allen is known for her controversy songs, this one has everyone talking about. In the chorus  Rihanna Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lorde and Gaga are mentioned.

Ri-Ri isn’t scared of Katy Perry’s roaring
Queen B’s going back to the drawing
Lorde smells blood, yeah, she’s about to slay you
Kid ain’t one to f*** with when she’s only on her debut

We’re all watching Gaga, L-O-L-O, ha-ha
Dying for the art, so really she’s a martyr
The second best will never cut it for the divas
Give me that crown, b****, I wanna be Sheezus

The song is very well written and produced, Allen expressing the war between female artists “The Divas” she mentions in the song. All wanting to be number one on the charts or “Queen of Pop”. Listeners could react to “SHEEZUS”  in a positive or negative way.

Female artists should definitely support each other more, they’re all doing the same thing….creating music and sharing it with so many people all over the world.


Joelle Save Me

JOELLE SAVE ME FRONT COVERAustralian singer Joelle has released her new single ‘Save Me’. She appeared on X Factor last year and was mentored by LMFAO’s Redfoo.

“I saw it. It’s soooo good! RT @missjoelle I am sooo EXCITED to announce that at 8:00pm TONIGHT, I will be releasing my #SaveMe Film Clip”. It’s fantastic to see that Redfoo is supporting Joelle.

The song is a combination of pop, soul and RnB, written by Joelle the song stands out especially with her strong powerful and unique voice. ‘Save Me’ is about being strong even in the worst of times in your relationship. Take time to stop and think about the situation and do what’s best for you and get rid of the negativity and just do what you believe is right. https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/save-me-single/id849019207


Crank Me Up – Tristan Blaine


At just 14 years of age Texas teen pop artist Tristan Blaine traveling around America performing that’s impressive huh? and he’ll be at OMG Music Fest in Chicago in May.

His latest song ‘Crank Me Up’ is a very upbeat, catchy pop song, it’ll definitely make you want to turn the volume up when you listen to it.

For more information head to his website: http://www.tristanblainemusic.com/